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New Video

2009-04-12 00:57:58 by nerck

Watch plzz!

Everyone loves a Forum

2009-04-11 00:11:52 by nerck orum.htm

this is a forum to discuss the show im working on the first episode is coming out soon and we need forum members join and be merry! you will be happy that you did because in the future you can say "hey im an original fan!!1" sooo don't make me beg..

Oh Lord Podcast is up

2008-08-18 15:56:51 by nerck

well i made a podcast out of stupidity go listen


Forum love!

2008-08-15 13:27:04 by nerck

y good friend Buster and I have spawned a new life into this world it is a forum, hopefully it shall grow strong and live a healthy life, but in order for that to happen we need your help join the forum and post until your heart gives out or your fingers explode, post so much that your eyeballs are nothing but waterfalls of spewing blood! yay imagery!

Forum Here!



oh god not again!

2008-08-05 00:49:56 by nerck

today marks the first day of working on my second animation hopfully it does better then my first im working much harder on the art work and the animation i wont tell exactly what its about but lets just say its a parody of a parody (probably guessed it) but not in the way your thinking its going to be an infomercial (makes no sense right?) well wait and see and hopfully all you hateful NGers like it :]]


oh god not again!

Analog kids now with better sound!

2008-08-02 03:38:29 by nerck

if you watched my flash and hated it because the sound blew well i re-did it :D so take another watch and hopefully you decide to give me a positive review :]


voice work!

2008-07-31 19:52:26 by nerck

ever since my first full legnth flash fell head first into the pit of obscuraty i became sad then horny then sad again, so i decided to write a new flash a short and i need some NG help because i dont want to do every voice here are the parts in the flash

-an announcer
-a girl
- a nerdy kid
-impression of Adam and jamie from mythbusters
-ash from Evildead
-micheal Cera from superbad
-christopher minz-plaus(mclovin)

if you can do any of these voices ill send you the script


100% done :D

2008-07-31 01:59:51 by nerck

go whatch and vote 10 plzz :]]

60% done

2008-07-30 01:27:56 by nerck

The Analog Kids is doing well almost done just need a couple voices Buster is in another state right now and i havent talked to Enies in a few weeks but once i get there stuff i can animate the bitch, i havent shaved in a week and the stubble on my face is a sign of my sleepless nights working on this animation and whatching tv, But in other news i need some help is there anyone out there that is good with Dreamweaver and can help me put up a site? it would amazing :]


well today!

2008-06-28 11:30:14 by nerck

I was up all last night working on an animation i watched the 5 mins i had and realized it was complete crap and if anyone here saw it, it would most likely ruin someones day by making then gouge out there eyes lol so i scrapped it and I'm starting again the problem is the scripts i write are to intracete for me to animate I'm to limited to simple acts in my animations, not the weird far out things i write